Beer and Steak — Yeah, Buddy!

Photo Bernt Rostad, CC BY 2.0

I have written about steaks before. I like me a good steak. Yeah, who doesn’t, right? Well, I like a good beer, too. So … what kind should I drink with my steak? That is what I am thinking right now.

From what I have found the darker the better. I read on Beer Advocate that a Belgian Strong Dark Ale and / or Belgian Strong Pale Ale goes really well with a steak.

I am definitely going to the store this weekend and giving it a try.

I have also been looking into getting a fridge for the garage. I figured it would be good to store cuts of meat from the butcher and house the beer and wine collection.

I do not think a full size is what I need. I have been looking at the those little dorm fridges. I have found lists of good beer fridges, but I am more inclined to look on my local craigslist and just buy an older one for $25 bucks or so. The ones on that site and on Amazon are just so pricey.

Oh well, I think I should worry more about the steak at the moment. A nice medium rare steak sounds so much better than this chicken and vegetables in teriyaki sauce I’m eating at my desk right now.

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